Welcome to Shorshay HaMashiah

At Shorshay HaMashiach we aim to provide a safe and encouraging place for all disciples of the Master, Messiah Yeshua, to come and learn Torah. Come and be built up in your faith and obedience, and let our community serve you in encouraging your walk of discipleship to the Master out of love for G-d and others!

Shorshay HaMashiach is an orthodox Messianic Jewish synagogue with services on Erev Shabbat, Shabbat, and all orthodox Jewish holidays. We also have two locations for Shacharit services on yom rishon (the first day of the week): one at the shul, and one in Englewood, Colorado. Services begin 18 minutes before sundown or 7:30pm (which ever is earlier) on erev Shabbat and at 9:00am on Shabbat.

All services are primarily in English however the Siddurim (prayer books) are in both English and Hebrew for those who prefer Hebrew.  As we are a family congregation, children no matter what the age are more then welcome to be apart of our services. Please note that men and women are separated by a mechitza (opaque partition) to help everyone to focus during the services.

Shabbat Accommodations

We have accommodations for visitors to stay the night so people don’t have to drive on Shabbat. For those who wish to stay on-site at the beit knesset during a given Sabbath weekend, Friday through Sunday, or holiday, please contact us in advance so that sleeping arrangements can be made for the nights you wish to stay.

Kosher Food

A typical Shabbat will have three to four meals served potluck style in the downstairs community and oneg area. Meals are free, however, to accommodate meals for everyone, all families and regular attenders are expected to bring a dish large enough to feed themselves plus enough to share with a guest, for each meal they intend to eat. If you bring food, please be aware that all foods must have a hechsher on them, that we are also glatt kosher and that we do not allow meat and dairy to be mixed.  Therefore we prefer pareve (no meat or dairy), and/or dairy dishes only for all shabbat meals.  (Note some festival meals are pareve/meat.  Please call in advance or check our web postings regarding the upcoming feast.)

Shomer Mitzvot

Although we are not perfect, and are constantly learning, like all other orthodox communities we desire to be Shomer Mitzvot including Shomer Shabbat, Shomer Kashrut, Shomer Negiyah, and in many other areas of halacha as well. If your heart is to love and serve HaShem, then please come and learn with us in how to do exactly that.

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